Chattanooga Gas Company Launches MeterExpress Program; Homebuilders Will Save Time and Money

Home builders in the Chattanooga area will get a boost as Chattanooga Gas Company (CGC) helps to get new construction approved and sold faster with the launch of its "MeterExpress" program. The program allows the meter to be set early in the construction phase. HVAC/plumbing contractors are then able tie into the home's service line once it has passed inspection rather than having to schedule an appointment with the utility. This program gets underway on April 1, 2001.

"We saw a need to streamline the process new construction approval process," said Larry Buie, area manager for Chattanooga Gas. "As Chattanooga Gas continues to strive for operational excellence, "MeterExpress" will help to save builders time and money in establishing new gas accounts. It produces less hassles and allows builders the flexibility of using gas heat in the home during construction so drywall or painting can be completed more quickly."

Under the "MeterExpress" program, the meter will be installed within 48 hours of the service line installation. The gas meter will be left with gas up to an outlet valve on the meter. Once the house passes local building inspection, a licensed HVAC/plumbing contractor can then tie in the home's fuel line to the outlet valve, turn the valve putting gas on the home's piping system, and light the appliances.

The new process means CGC will no longer need to go into newly constructed facilities to light appliances. Instead, builders can now schedule when the fuel line is connected, the mechanical inspection takes place, and the appliance light up is done.

To achieve quick installation of the meters, CGC will be utilizing a new one-piece meter loop and outlet valve that does not require assembly. Because they are pre-painted, the installation will be more attractive to customers. The pre-assembly also means less likelihood of leaks and atmospheric corrosion over time since the meter loop will be welded at the factory. "We're excited about the advancement in technology to provide service throughout the communities we serve," said Buie. "We continue to strive to improve our customer satisfaction and deliver natural gas in an efficient and safe manner."

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SOURCE: AGL Resources, Inc.

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