Service your HVAC system and save before the heat of summer
Georgia Power offers $50 rebate to optimize A/C operations;
Simple steps, resources and tools can minimize the impact of hot weather on your bills

ATLANTA, May 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As the hot summer weather arrives, Georgia Power encourages residential customers to have their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system assessed by a qualified, licensed and approved HVAC technician. Not only will customers save money and energy year-round, they will be eligible for a rebate of up to $50 per unit simply for having the service performed by an approved program contractor. As much as 50 percent of monthly energy use can be attributed to heating and cooling the home and inefficient systems can cost customers hundreds of dollars in additional energy costs every year.

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Georgia Power customers can qualify for the Residential HVAC Service Program rebate by having a participating contractor conduct a diagnostic assessment on the system when temperatures are over 75 degrees Fahrenheit and make improvements specific to the program. To learn more and participate in the program, click here.

Other simple ways to save money and energy this summer:

  • Use your Fans – A ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting by as much as 4 degrees Fahrenheit with no reduction in comfort. During moderately hot weather, ceiling fans may allow you to avoid using your air conditioner altogether.
  • Air Vents – To maintain consistent temperatures throughout your home, keep air vents and registers clear of obstructions such as furniture, curtains and rugs.
  • Pool Planning – Pool pumps can use a significant amount of energy when running constantly. Operate pool pumps the minimum number of hours needed to keep the pool clean and invest in a timer to control hours of operation. Also, consider using a pool cover for additional energy savings.
  • Fire Up the Grill – Reduce the temperature inside your home by using an outdoor grill or smoker instead of indoor ovens and stoves.
  • Think Thermostat – Set manual thermostats to 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer for peak efficiency and make the most of programmable thermostats, which help decrease energy use based on your lifestyle.

Saving Made Easy
Georgia Power encourages customers to find even more ways to save by accessing energy saving tools and resources online at, including hundreds of easy energy tips, a free online energy checkup and a variety of rebates and incentives for both homes and businesses. The company also offers customers a single, convenient online portal featuring the most popular energy saving and smart home products, such as LED lighting and smart thermostats, at Additionally, Georgia Power's My Power Usage program, a free service connected to Georgia Power online accounts, allows customers to track their daily energy use online, project their monthly bill and stay within a set energy budget. Finally, step-by-step instructions for the do-it-yourselfer are easy to find on Georgia Power's YouTube Channel.

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