Mississippi Power signs Kemper plant water purification contract

GULFPORT, Miss. - Aquatech International, a water purification technology provider, has been awarded the contract to provide services for Mississippi Power’s integrated gasification plant in Kemper County.
“This purification equipment enables us to be a zero liquid discharge plant,” said Mississippi Power Spokesman Jeff Shepard. “The Aquatech system is the most environmentally friendly option for supplying the water needed to operate the plant.”
Mississippi Power has an existing, long-term renewable contract to purchase treated effluent, known as gray water, from the City of Meridian. The effluent will be piped to the plant from two Meridian water treatment facilities, collected in a reservoir and then treated through the purification system. The plant requires about 7 million gallons of water per day.
“This contract is good for the city because it will save them on water treatment costs while providing additional revenue,” said Shepard. “And it’s good for us because we need the most economical source of water. Because of this purification system, we can use water that has no other use.”
The plant will also collect rainwater as a secondary source of cooling water, which will also be purified before it is used in the plant.

“We are pleased to be awarded this contract from Mississippi Power to use the best and most environmentally friendly option for supplying water to the Kemper County IGCC facility. This goal matches Aquatech’s approach and proven success in providing reliable, cost-effective, environmentally focused water treatment solutions for our clients in the power industry as well as other industries around the globe,” said Patrick Randall, Sales Director Industrial Solutions Americas.
Mississippi Power, a Southern Company subsidiary, serves approximately 185,000 customers in 23 southeast Mississippi counties.         


For further information: Jeff Shepard, 228.865.5543 or 1.800.821.6383 or email jshepard@southernco.com

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