Alabama Power offers energy tips for summer heat

With summer here and temperatures rising, Alabama Power recommends the following tips for conserving energy and staying cool this summer:

  • Set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher and use fans to maintain air circulation in your home. The “wind chill” effect allows the thermostat to be set slightly higher while retaining the same level of comfort in a room. Turning up your thermostat on a hot day by 2 degrees can reduce air-conditioning energy use up to 10 percent, while the cost of running a ceiling fan is minimal.
  • Consider using the microwave, toaster oven or grill instead of the oven. Small appliances use about one-third the power of an oven broiler and create less heat in your kitchen.
  • Save household chores like mopping and washing dishes for the coolest part of the day. These tasks add moisture and heat to your home in the summer.
  • Keep exterior doors closed as much as possible. Hot air enters your home each time the door is opened. Keep in-and-out traffic from overworking your cooling system.
  • Repel excess heat by using light-colored blinds, shades and draperies on the sunny side of the house. Make sure draperies are insulated or lined, and use light colors to reduce the amount of heat they absorb.
  • Remove heat and moisture from a bathroom by turning on the exhaust fan or opening a window while the door is closed. This spares the air conditioner extra work after a hot shower.

Alabama Power customers who are eligible can also help manage their home energy usage online with “My Power Usage.”  This feature allows you to view daily and monthly usage to learn when you use energy, and see your estimated electric service amount before you receive your bill. You can also receive email alerts when your bill reaches a pre-determined dollar amount you set. To learn more, visit

Find more energy-saving tips and get a free online energy checkup at Take the quick checkup or the full checkup and get customized information on ways to save on energy.

Alabama Power, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company (NYSE: SO), provides reliable, affordable electricity to more than 1.4 million customers across the state.

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