Southern Company`s EnerLink Unit, AT & T deliver energy services information to customers

Southern Company is using AT&T’s electronic messaging services to enhance its EnerLink product to provide a complete and automatic end-to-end solution for an energy utility to implement and operate a Real Time Pricing (RTP) tariff.

“By teaming with AT&T, we ensure that our customers have a totally integrated, dependable means to deliver hourly energy prices to their customers,” said Frank Hyde, general manager of EnerLink Information Systems. “EnerLink performs the calculation and audit trail requirements and then distributes the prices to the customers on the RTP rate via the AT&T network. The customers use EnerLink’s RTP Mail software to receive the prices and store them for use with EnerLink applications. A secondary benefit is that customers get advisory notices and other information to keep them better informed.”

The AT&T network permits electric utility consumers to use EnerLink to track hourly prices and energy usage and calculate energy costs. EnerLink is distributed to large commercial and industrial customers by 52 North American utilities. These utilities also use the product for billing, rate administration and enhanced customer support.

“EnerLink is a good example of consumers and businesses benefiting from creative uses of communications,” said Gary Hickox, global marketing vice president, AT&T Network Commerce Services. “This application also shows how messaging can work for companies in business-transforming ways today and tomorrow.”

Southern Company (NYSE:SO), the largest producer of electricity in the United States is the parent firm of Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Gulf Power, Mississippi Power and Savannah Electric. Based in Atlanta, Southern Company supplies electricity in nine countries on four continents and provides energy-related marketing, trading and technical services and wireless telecommunications. Southern Company’s common stock is one of the 20 most widely held corporate stocks in America.

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