National accounts gets high marks in customer survey

Southern Company’s national accounts program has been voted by customers as one of the best in the country for service and responsiveness to customers.

The survey was conducted recently by the Edison Electric Institute’s National Accounts Customer Advisory Group, which includes hundreds of large customers across the country. The customers, asked to identify their top three national account programs, named a total of 30 companies with Southern Company among the three receiving the most votes.

The other top vote getters were Texas Utilities and Entergy, according to EEI.

In the same survey, Cindy Evans of Southern Company was selected as one of the country’s Top 5 account representatives.

“In the highly competitive market for national accounts, you have to constantly prove yourself worthy of customers’ business. So it is a real honor for Southern Company people to be recognized by the customers themselves for providing great service,” said Marie Mouchet, manager, national accounts.