Warning sirens to be tested at Lay and Mitchell dams on February 26

Alabama Power will test warning sirens installed downstream of Lay and Mitchell dams on Friday, Feb. 26. The sirens will be sounded at or around noon and will be preceded by a voice announcement.

The sirens are in place to warn residents living downstream of the dams in the unlikely event of a structural failure. Residents do not need to take any action when the siren test takes place. 

“The dams are in excellent condition,” said Herbie Johnson, Hydro general manager. “The tests are simply an annual requirement by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which licenses the dams. The sirens are there to warn residents to move immediately to higher ground if there’s a problem,” Johnson said.

The sirens are located less than a mile downstream from the dams. They are separate from the horns on the dams, which warn the public about sudden water discharges when a turbine is activated or a spillway gate is opened.

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