Five energy-saving tips for summer

Beat the season’s heat with these great ideas from Alabama Power

Summer officially arrives this week, and the time is right to take some easy steps to reduce your energy use and save money:

  • Clean or replace air filters every 30 days. It will increase the efficiency and longevity of your cooling system or window air conditioners.
  • Wait to do household chores, such as mopping, washing dishes and running the clothes dryer, until the cooler part of the day. This will help reduce moisture and heat in the house.
  • Set thermostats to 78 degrees or higher and use ceiling fans while in the room. Raising the thermostat by 2 degrees can reduce air conditioning use by 10 percent. The cost of running a ceiling fan is minimal.
  • Use caulk and weatherstripping in places where cool air can escape. This will also help save money during the winter by keeping heated air inside.
  • Keep blinds, shades and draperies on the sunny side of the house closed to reduce the amount of heat entering your home.

Find more ways to save by visiting Click “Residential” and then “Ways To Save.”  

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