Electric vehicles cruise the mall

Just say charge it.

There was electricity in the air this holiday season at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, Georgia, where Georgia Power installed a new electric vehicle charging station as part of an electric vehicle trial program for the mall`s security.

The electric vehicle chargers are part of a Chevrolet S-10 electric truck evaluation program. A fully charged Chevrolet S-10 Electric accelerates 0-50 mph in 13.5 seconds and can cruise for approximately 60 miles at a constant 45 mph, or for 40 miles of stop-and-go driving.

"Lenox Square is pleased to be participating in Georgia Power`s electric vehicle program," says Robin Suggs, manager of retail operations at Lenox Square. "We are committed to helping preserve the environment as well as integrating cutting edge technology into our operations." The charging station, which can charge up to four electric vehicles at one time, is not only for the mall`s security vehicles but it is also the beginning of a planned infrastructure of charging stations in the Atlanta metro area. Lenox Square was chosen as a site because of its convenient location and the influx of automobiles traveling to the mall from all over metro Atlanta. The charging station at Lenox Square is the fifth location in metro Atlanta to open in 1997. Up to 50 more locations are planned for installation in 1998.

"To make electric vehicles a workable transportation choice, recharging infrastructure must be readily available in the public and private sectors," said Mike Anderson, manager of Electric Transportation at Georgia Power. "We want to ensure Atlanta is among the best prepared communities in the nation when EVs reach the commercial market."

Georgia Power is the largest of five operating companies that comprise Southern Company, one of the largest investor-owned electric utility groups in the nation. As part of its commitment to electric vehicles, Georgia Power participates in industry associations at both the national and local levels.