Southern Company Energy Marketing reports quarterly sales for second quarter

ATLANTA – Southern Company Energy Marketing, the energy marketing arm of Southern Energy Inc., announced today that second-quarter electricity sales declined slightly compared to last year and natural gas sales increased compared with the previous year.

Southern Company Energy Marketing sold 46.7 million megawatt-hours of electricity during the second quarter of 2000, compared with 49.4 million megawatt-hours during the second quarter of 1999. The company sold 5.9 billion cubic feet of natural gas a day in the second quarter of 2000, compared with 4.3 billion cubic feet a day during the second quarter of 1999.

A megawatt-hour of electricity will power a large commercial operation, such as a supermarket, for one hour. Under typical conditions, a cubic foot of natural gas will create enough heat to boil about 2 gallons of water.

Southern Company Energy Marketing is jointly owned by Southern Energy Inc. and Vastar Resources Inc. Southern Company Energy Marketing provides energy marketing, risk management and financial services and other energy-related commodities, products and services to customers in North America.

Southern Energy Inc. develops, builds, owns and operates power production and delivery facilities and provides a broad range of services to utilities and industrial companies around the world.

Southern Energy’s parent company, Southern Company (NYSE: SO) is also the parent firm of Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Gulf Power, Mississippi Power and Savannah Electric. # # # # #