Alabama Power testing all-electric Tesla
Vehicle provides lessons as electric vehicles enter market

From Oct. 29 through Nov. 2, a Tesla Roadster will tour east Alabama as part of Alabama Power’s campaign to raise awareness for electric-vehicle technology.


The tour will highlight the benefits of electric transportation – low emissions, reduced dependence on foreign fuel sources, noise reduction and maintenance benefits – while informing customers about Alabama Power’s efforts to prepare for electric-vehicle technology’s widespread adoption.


“Electric transportation will play an essential role if our country is to achieve energy independence,” said Alabama Power Company President and CEO Charles McCrary. “Alabama Power’s history demonstrates we are one of the leaders in this field, and we are committed to the continued development of electric transportation.”


The Tesla Roadster is the first all-electric, high-performance car on the market. Alabama Power purchased one of the vehicles in 2009 as part of research into how electric vehicles interact with the company’s system.


“From an operations standpoint, we’re still learning about the impact that multiples of these cars will have on our distribution, transmission and metering systems,” said Cedric Daniels, a market specialist for Alabama Power’s Marketing-Electric Transportation workgroup. “Because the Tesla is one of the most advanced electric cars available, the best way for us to evaluate its impact is to test it under real-life conditions.”


Developed by Tesla Motors in California, the car is equipped with a long-lasting battery that allows it to travel up to 200 miles on a single charge. As part of Alabama Power’s research, a power-quality meter was installed on the vehicle to measure the battery’s charge profile.


“We know more electric vehicles are coming on the market, and we need to understand how they work, how they work with our systems, and how customers will react to them,” Daniels said. “We want to make sure these vehicles are a win-win for us and the customer.”


Alabama Power has long been a leader in researching and marketing electric and electric hybrid vehicles that are already used in a variety of commercial and industrial settings. Daniels said as a new generation of electric vehicles is marketed to the public, Alabama Power will be working closely with customers to help them take advantage of these new technologies.


In addition to the ongoing Tesla research, the company is evaluating a plug-in hybrid Ford Escape prototype and a Ford F550 plug-in hybrid bucket truck. Alabama Power  also is adding to its fleet of hybrid bucket trucks, which offer quieter operations, better fuel economy and reduced emissions.


Alabama Power, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company (NYSE: SO), provides electricity to more than 1.4 million customers across the state.



NOTE TO EDITORS, PRODUCERS: The Tesla Roadster will be available by appointment on Oct. 31 through Nov. 2 for viewing and test rides during its tour of the area. Please call Brandon Glover at 205-305-5598 to request an appointment. 


News Media Contact:  Brandon Glover, 205-305-5598