Southwestern Athletic Conference to Present Economic Empowerment Summit on November 30
   WHAT:          The Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) will host the
                  first annual SWAC Economic Empowerment Summit.  The event
                  is designed to enhance the SWAC Championship Game -- one
                  of America's most exciting black college football games --
                  by including professional development, wealth-building,
                  financial planning and entrepreneurship strategies in the
                  week-long schedule of events.

  WHEN:           10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Thursday, November 30, 2000

  WHERE:          Alabama Power Corporate Headquarters Auditorium
                  6th Avenue North, Birmingham

  BACKGROUND:     The 1999 SWAC Championship Football Game in Birmingham
                  brought together more than 48,000 black college football
                  fans for fun and excitement.  However, the games served a
                  more important role by contributing an estimated economic
                  impact of $17.5 million to the community.

                  That investment goes a long way toward improving the
                  quality of life in Birmingham and is the guiding principle
                  behind the SWAC Economic Empowerment Summit.  The event --
                  which will feature some of Alabama's top professionals
                  specializing in finance and business development -- was
                  created to provide a professional presence to the game-
                  week activities.

  CONTACT:        John Hudson of The Southwestern Athletic Conference,
                  205-257-3018, or fax, 205-297-9820

PRNewswire -- Nov. 17

SOURCE: The Southwestern Athletic Conference