American Village Dedicates Alabama Power Voting Experience
  What:   The American Village's newest exhibit, the Alabama Power Voting
          Experience, opens April 1 and will be dedicated that day.  The
          Alabama Power Voting Experience traces the history of the right to
          vote, from the bridge in Lexington during the American Revolution
          to the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma during America's civil rights

          The interactive, participatory experience explores how the words,
          "We the People," have come to include all Americans as the
          barriers to the right to vote have fallen throughout our history.
          The exhibit also examines current day barriers to voting such as
          apathy, indifference and cynicism.  Alabama Power is sponsoring
          the Voting Experience to help educate young people about the
          fundamental right and responsibility to vote and preserve

  When:   Monday, April 1, 1:00 p.m.

  Where:  The American Village, Colonial Courthouse

  Facts:  The American Village is a nationally prioneering civic education
          center and historical park that serves as a model for the nation
          for building better citizens by engaging, educating and inspiring
          students in the critical academic areas of American history,
          civics, government and economics.  The goal is to help prepare a
          new generation of citizens to be caretakers, custodians and
          stewards of what George Washington called "the sacred fire of

Alabama Power, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company , provides reliable, affordable electricity to more than 1.3 million customers across the state.


SOURCE: Alabama Power Company

Contact: Sandi George of Alabama Power Company, +1-205-257-4155, or , or Linda Long of American Village,
+1-205-665-3535, or