Residents to Clean Lay Lake Shoreline, Reports Alabama Power
  What:     The Lay Lake Home Owners and Boat Owners Association is
            partnering with Alabama Power to sponsor a lake clean-up as part
            of the 2001 "Renew the Coosa" event.  The 2000 clean-up included
            more than 200 private boats and more than 600 volunteers.

  When:     Saturday, April 21, 8 a.m. to 12 noon
            Clean-up efforts take place April 15-21, with the major effort
            Saturday morning.  Earth Day is Sunday, April 22.

  Where:    Lay Lake residents clean up their own shoreline and property
            area.  The clean-up will be coordinated Saturday from
            Beeswax Park.

            Participants should bring rakes and boats if needed.  Alabama
            Power will provide trash bags, disposable gloves and T-shirts
            for all workers and a banner for each working boat.  Alabama
            Power personnel will also patrol the lake, using barges to
            collect debris.  Call the contact listed below for information
            about the nearest location to get materials.

            The counties bordering the lake are furnishing trash dumpsters
            at the following locations.

            *  Smith Camp - Wilsonville
            *  Lay Lake Estates Boat Launch
            *  Beeswax Public Boat Launch
            *  Paradise Point Marina
            *  Cedar Creek Marina
            *  Okoma Marina
            *  Bozos Marina
            *  Peckerwood Creek
            *  Lay Port Marina - Waxahatchee Creek
            *  Sehoya Golf Club - Paint Creek
            *  Chilton County Public Boat Launch near Pineview Camp

  Picnic:   1:00 - 3:30 p.m. at Beeswax Park - live music and free T-shirts
            for volunteers.

  Contact:  For more information, contact Judy Jones, chair:  (205) 669-4865
            OR Jim Jackson: (205) 670-0100

  Background on Lay Lake:


  Elevation above sea level: 396 feet
  Area: 12,000 Acres
  Shoreline: 289 miles
  Length: 48.2 miles


Lay Dam was named after Alabama Power Company's first president, Capt. William Patrick Lay. Originally known as the Lock 12 Dam, the facility was later renamed in recognition of Captain Lay's service to the company and to the public. Located on the Coosa River, the dam straddles the Chilton and Coosa County line. Construction began in 1910 and the original dam went into service in 1914. Lay Dam was redeveloped during the 1960's as part of the Coosa River project. The project also included the construction of Neely Henry, Weiss, Logan Martin and Bouldin dams.

Alabama Power owns and operates 14 hydroelectric plants in Alabama, providing clean, low-cost energy. Alabama Power provides affordable, reliable electric service to 1.3 million customers in the lower two-thirds of Alabama. Alabama Power is a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company , which operates more than 32,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity in the Southeast. Southern Company is one of the largest producers of electricity in the United States.

PRNewswire -- April 17

SOURCE: Alabama Power