Alabama Power Warns Parents of Potentially Dangerous Message in New Movie

Alabama Power is concerned that the new 20th Century Fox box office movie, "Like Mike" could send a misleading message about the safety of electric power lines. The movie released Wednesday, July 3, 2002, is geared toward young people and shows the teen star, played by entertainer Lil' Bow Wow, climbing a tree, grabbing shoes off an energized electric power line and being struck by lightning. This then gives the child actor super abilities to play professional basketball in the NBA.

Movies are produced to entertain and often do not represent or portray real life, but young children tend to emulate what they see. Alabama Power cautions parents and adults about the misleading portrayal of what could happen if someone touches a power line. The reality is power lines are extremely dangerous and should never be touched, doing so could result in serious injuries.

Alabama Power urges everyone to review the following public safety messages:

  *  Never throw objects at power lines.
  *  Never climb trees near power lines.
  *  If an object accidentally becomes entangled in a power line, do not
     attempt to remove it. Call your local electric utility and ask them to
     remove the item.
  *  Never go near downed power lines.
  *  Do not climb fences around or enter substations.
  *  Keep fingers and objects away from electrical outlets.
  *  Assume all lines are "hot" or energized.
  *  Kites, balloons, model airplanes, and other toys should never be flown
     near power lines.

To learn more about Alabama Power's public safety messages go to or call the Electrical Safety Line at 1-800-806-SAFE.

Alabama Power, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company , provides electricity to more than 1.3 million customers across the state.


SOURCE: Alabama Power Company

CONTACT: Alice Gordon of Alabama Power, +1-205-257-4155, or