Alabama Power Reminder: Keep Safety in Mind When Displaying Flag

The recent terrorist attacks, and the subsequent military response, have spurred an inspiring show of patriotism across the country. But those who choose to fly the American flag should be careful to keep their displays away from power lines and power poles.

"We want everyone to be safe while showing their American spirit," said Steve Fleming, Risk Management Supervisor at Alabama Power.

  Here are some safety guidelines to follow when flying Old Glory:

  *  Stay away from overhead wires when installing a flag or flag pole on
     your home.  At least a 10-foot clearance is recommended. Be sure to
     include the length of the flag when calculating the distance. Touching
     overhead wires with a ladder, a pole or any object can bring a deadly

  *  If installing a flagpole, call Alabama One-Call at 1-800-292-8525.
     They will determine if there are underground utilities nearby, and
     locate them for you.  There is no charge for the service.

  *  Never attach any material to a power pole.  This represents not only a
     potential hazard for you, but a climbing hazard for utility workers.

  *  Never try to remove a flag or any other object that becomes entangled
     in a power line.  Call your local power company for help.

For more information about playing it safe with electricity, log on to Alabama Power's web site at . Or call Alabama Power at 1-800-245-2244.


SOURCE: Alabama Power Company

Contact: Michael Sznajderman of Alabama Power, +1-205-257-4155, or