Alabama Power Customers Can Report Outages Due to Isidore Toll-free 24 Hours a Day

To prepare for the potential effects of Tropical Storm Isidore, Alabama Power would like to inform customers of the most efficient way to report power outages.

If you have a power outage, the best way to contact Alabama Power is to call 1-800-888-2726. The toll-free number can handle up to 3,000 calls simultaneously and is the fastest, most efficient way to let us know of assistance needed.

In most cases, Alabama Power's computer system will recognize your telephone number, report your trouble immediately and give you the latest information about your estimated restoration time.

In the rare event that the computer system doesn't recognize your phone number, please have ready your Alabama Power account number or the Social Security Number of the person the account is listed in, so we can help you quicker.

The Alabama Power Storm Center opened today to continue monitoring Tropical Storm Isidore and oversee any restoration efforts needed. Alabama Power crews, evaluators, staging area personnel and support personnel will report to work tomorrow morning packed for three days' work in the field, ready to go where needed to assist customers whose power may be interrupted by severe weather. Once the storm hits and initial damage is evaluated, Alabama Power will make decisions about moving resources if needed to assist with restoration efforts in our service territory or to assist our sister utilities.


SOURCE: Alabama Power

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