Alabama Power Offers Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

As the coldest time of the year approaches, here are some ways to keep warm and save on your energy bill:

  Reset the thermostat -- Try adjusting your thermostat to 68 degrees or
  below during the day, and even lower at night when you're asleep.  Make
  sure heating outlets and return air registers are free of obstructions.
  Change your air filters once a month; clean filters help your system run
  more efficiently.

  A little insulation goes a long way -- Check windows and doors for drafts;
  use attic insulation, weather stripping, caulking and door brushes to keep
  warm air in, cold air out.  Close vents and louvers in the attic or
  foundation during the winter.  And make sure you close the flue when your
  fireplace is not in use.

  Give your water heater a wrap -- Save energy by placing an insulating
  blanket around your water heater.  These inexpensive, easy-to-install
  blankets are available at most home improvement and building supply

  Don't forget the fan -- Use a small room fan to distribute heated air.  A
  ceiling fan, switched to reverse, can circulate warmer air trapped near
  the ceiling.

  Use the sun to your advantage -- Open the shades during the day in rooms
  that receive direct sunlight.  Use insulating drapes in rooms that don't
  get much sun.

For more tips about staying toasty this winter, energy-saving appliances, or for information about obtaining a free, energy efficiency survey of your home, call Alabama Power at 1-800-254-2244. Or log on to our web site at .


SOURCE: Alabama Power

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