Alabama Power cancels lake and river biennial drawdowns due to drought
Drawdown for maintenance at Thurlow Dam still planned

BIRMINGHAM - Aug. 20, 2007 - Because of the ongoing drought, Alabama Power is canceling the biennial drawdowns of Lay, Mitchell, Jordan lakes on the Coosa River. The drawdown planned at Thurlow Dam, on the Tallapoosa River, will go on as scheduled.

Lay, Mitchell and Jordan are “run-of-the river” lakes that typically stay at the same elevation year-round. But every other year, they are drawn down temporarily so residents and businesses can do maintenance on piers, boat docks and sea walls.

Earlier this year, the company briefly lowered the levels at the three lakes to meet downstream flow requirements in the most efficient manner. Because of the ongoing drought, and the need to carefully manage limited water resources, it is impossible to make plans at this time for the traditional drawdowns at Lay, Mitchell and Jordan. To avoid confusion, the drawdowns at the three lakes are cancelled.

The drawdown at Lake Thurlow is needed to perform maintenance at Thurlow Dam. Thurlow Lake will be lowered starting Sept. 4 to between 282 and 283 feet. It is expected to remain at the lower level until Dec. 1.

Projected lake elevations are always subject to change, depending on conditions. Individuals with boats and other water-related equipment and facilities should always be alert to changing conditions on Alabama Power reservoirs and be prepared to take the necessary steps to protect their property.

For the latest on lake levels and Alabama Power’s effort to manage through the drought, visit and click on “drought.” Information can also be obtained by calling Alabama Power's automated Reservoir Information System at 1-800-LAKES11 (1-800-525-3711).