Alabama Power safety reminder about dams

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Aug. 14, 2007 - For months during the ongoing drought, Alabama Power hydroelectric facilities have been releasing very limited amounts of water. The reduced flows have prompted people to venture into areas in the rivers directly below the dams. These people are placing themselves in danger.

With summer heat triggering soaring demand for power, Alabama Power is using its hydroelectric facilities to help maintain the stability of the electric system. Because hydroelectric dams can release water suddenly, Alabama Power wants to remind people to stay clear of areas below the dams.

Earlier this year, in an effort to conserve water during the drought, Alabama Power reduced flows from its dams to the minimum to meet regulatory requirements. Alabama Power continues to manage water resources carefully, but is releasing water from its dams to meet requirements for navigation, fisheries, water supply and water quality, and to help meet the high seasonal demand for power.

The closer you get to a dam, the more dangerous the conditions. Large amounts of water can be released from dams in a matter of seconds. Boaters and fishing enthusiasts should always stay away from hydroelectric dams.

For more information about Alabama Power’s hydroelectric operations, visit or call Alabama Power's automated Reservoir Information System at 1-800-LAKES11 (1-800-525-3711).


Media Contact: Keisa Sharpe, Alabama Power Corporate Communications, 205.257.4155,