AeroVironment and Southern Company sign first EV fast charger distribution agreement

AeroVironment announced Southern Company as the first authorized distributor of the PosiCharge EV Fast Charge Station.

Southern Company, the United States largest producer of electricity, will distribute PosiCharge in eleven southeastern states. These states are Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Louisiana.

The PosiCharge EV Fast Charge Station will significantly advance the usable daily range of electric vehicles by charging a battery pack in a matter of minutes instead of hours. The station can be used with the Ford Ranger electric pickup, electric buses, and electric non-road vehicles such as lift trucks and airport ground service equipment.

Southern Company plans to use the PosiCharge to build “electric vehicle corridors,” electric vehicle friendly regions, where drivers are assured of a quick recharge during journeys.

“Fast charging will form the basis of electric vehicle infrastructure in the south,” said Mike Anderson, Georgia Power Company electric transportation manager. “With Georgia selecting the Ford Ranger EV as the low bid electric vehicle for state fleet purchase, we felt it imperative to implement compatible fast charge stations.”

Today’s fleet electric vehicles attain approximately 50 miles of usable range before requiring a six hour recharge. With PosiCharge, in under 20 minutes, 80 percent of the battery charge can be re-established. With just three 10-minute breaks during the day, standard lead-acid batteries, using fast charging are capable of as much as 150 miles range.