Georgia Power And Virginia Power To Market Electric Vehicle Charging System

Georgia Power Co., a subsidiary of The Southern Company, and Virginia Power announced at today’s "Atlanta’s EV Ready" Market Launch Workshop, held at Georgia Power’s corporate headquarters, a joint initiative to develop plans to market electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure in Georgia.

Virginia Power has been an authorized distributor of Delco Electronics’ MAGNE CHARGE(TM) vehicle chargers in the Southeast since February 1996. As of today, Georgia Power will be their authorized distributor of the vehicle chargers in Georgia. The utilities, with support from General Motors (GM), will develop a plan for marketing, service and installation of Delco Electronics inductive vehicle chargers.

“Georgia Power has been involved in electric vehicle research since 1993,” said Paul Bowers, Georgia Power`s senior vice president of marketing and executive sponsor for The Southern Company’s electric transportation initiatives. “It is exciting to be moving into a new market for electric vehicles where we are developing and expanding the charger infrastructure.”

“Virginia Power`s partnership with Georgia Power recognizes the extensive groundwork that has been laid in the Southeast to support electric vehicle technology -- from education to charging infrastructure to mass transit initiatives,” said James T. Earwood Jr., Virginia Power`s vice president-Energy Efficiency and Division Services. “GM`s and Delco Electronic`s expertise will help ensure that the Southeast is among the best-prepared areas in the nation when EVs reach the commercial market. This will be of enormous benefit in improving air quality, stimulating economic development and demonstrating the viability of this clean, quiet technology.”

General Motors and Georgia Power have indicated they will develop a marketing plan for the Chevrolet S-10 Electric pickup, which will focus on commercial fleets as well as federal, state and local government fleets.

Robert C. Purcell Jr., executive director of General Motors Advanced Technology Vehicles said, “A market-based approach is critical to establishing a sustainable market for electric vehicles. We look forward to joining Georgia Power to bring the Chevrolet S-10 Electric pickup and Delco Electronics’ MAGNE CHARGE(TM) inductive vehicle chargers to Georgia and the other states of the Southeast.”

The S-10 Electric is designed, built, and warranted by GM. Chevrolet will begin marketing the S-10 Electric pickup truck to fleets nationwide in l997.

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