Southern Company to build new wholesale generation in Jackson County, GA

Southern Company announced plans today to construct a simple-cycle combustion turbine peaking power plant in Jackson County, Georgia. The new plant will be owned and operated by Georgia Power, Southern Company’s electric utility subsidiary in Georgia. Jackson County is located 60 miles northeast of Atlanta.

The facility, scheduled for commercial operation in the summer of 2000, will be committed to the wholesale market. Because the plant will serve the wholesale market, it will not affect electric rates paid by Georgia Power customers.

The plant will consist of separate generating units. A minimum of five units are scheduled for completion by the summer of 2000, generating approximately 400 megawatts to fulfill a wholesale contract already established with Southern Company. To supply additional anticipated wholesale power demand, Southern Company plans to build a total of approximately 16 generating units at the site during the next two or three years, raising the plant’s generating capacity to 1,200 megawatts.

“The Southeast U.S. is continuing to experience strong growth, creating new opportunities for electric generation,” said Charles McCrary, president of the business unit responsible for developing and operating all non-nuclear Southern Company generating plants. “Southern Company’s experience in power production and demonstrated skills in wholesale marketing offer unique capabilities in pursuing these growth opportunities.”