Community and Economic Development wins 2001 Global Innovator’s Award

The International Development Research Council (IDRC) today presented Georgia Power’s Community and Economic Development department the 2001 Global Innovator’s Award for its innovative practices in attracting and retaining corporate jobs and investment.

Becky Blalock, vice president of Community and Economic Development, accepted the award at the IDRC World Congress in Dallas. On Tuesday morning, Blalock will give a presentation on the department’s efforts and accomplishments.

“We are excited and honored to have been selected by the IDRC for this prestigious award,” Blalock said.

Georgia Power’s Community and Economic Development organization is globally recognized for its business recruitment, retention and community development efforts. Through this department, Georgia Power has generated more than $5 billion in capital investment and created more than 100,000 jobs in Georgia over the past decade.

In addition, Community and Economic Development has created tools to help communities grow. They include the “Building Your Community Resource Guide” which gives communities a list of all the places they can turn to for assistance in the process toward community growth and economic development. Also available is the “Building Your Community Profile CD” which uses technology to help communities create marketing presentations.

With its Global Innovator’s Award, the IDRC recognizes communities and economic development organizations that:

 Create the leadership, alignment and resources necessary to achieve its vision for the future.

 Market and position the community in a global economy.

 Leverage its unique competencies and ensure that the people of the community have the right skills and education to compete.

 Provide an appropriate infrastructure to support corporations and knowledge workers in an e-business world.

 Revitalize urban communities and attract the interest of corporations or government entities.

“We are very committed to fulfilling our mission of bringing economic growth and new business to Georgia, and we work in partnership with organizations throughout the state to achieve this goal,” Blalock added. “This award tells us we are not just doing our job, but we’re doing it in a world class manner.”

In the 75-year history of Georgia Power’s Community and Economic Development, innovation has been a way of life. Georgia Power’s comprehensive programs to attract and retain jobs and investment in today’s knowledge-based economy continue to lead the way in innovation. In the early 1980s, Georgia Power was the first to develop the resource center concept, an interactive, multi-media facility housing all the information a prospect would need to make a location decision. This past year the company developed a new interactive Geographical Information System-based database containing telecommunications infrastructure, available buildings and electrical infrastructure in order to quickly identify the best locations for high-tech companies. And, Georgia Power is dedicated to urban revitalization and workforce development.

Winners in other award categories include the Brisbane City Council of Brisbane, Australia; Gazeley Properties Ltd. of Bucks, United Kingdom; and Cisco Systems of San Jose, California.