Georgia Power’s busiest business office is now also the company’s newest

The grand opening Aug. 27 of the new business office in Atlanta’s West End neighborhood brought out several dignitaries who praised Georgia Power for its commitment to world-class customer service and supporting communities.

“Georgia Power has meant so much to this community. You have been more than just a power company,” said Fulton County Commissioner Michael Hightower, one of several local government officials who attended the event.

The new business office, located near the Atlanta Empowerment Zone, provides expanded facilities and improved access for customers in this busy area, which accounts for about 25,000 transactions a month.

“What this new office says is that we’ve been here for you in the past, we’re here for you now and we’ll be here for you in the future,” said Rodney Perkins, the business office manager.

Also attending the grand opening were several Georgia Power officials, including Gene Hodges, executive vice president, customer operations; Jim Davis, senior vice president, corporate relations; Mickey Brown, vice president, northern region; and Jeff Wallace, vice president of customer service.

The conference room of the new facility was dedicated in honor of Jim George, vice president and special assistant in customer operations.

“This is a small way to tell Jim what he means to the company as well as this community,” said Frank McCloskey, Atlanta region manager.