Georgia Power continues to offer Power Credit statewide

ATLANTA— As the demand for electricity increases, Georgia Power is always looking for ways to provide options to its customers in managing their consumption of electricity. As part of that effort, Georgia Power continues to offer its Power Credit program to residential customers throughout Georgia.

Georgia Power first introduced Power Credit in July 2001, offering the program to more than 500,000 residential customers in metro Atlanta. The program has been available statewide since July of 2002 with nearly 20,000 homeowners participating to date.

Power Credit is an electricity demand-saving service designed to efficiently control the amount of electricity a residential customer’s air conditioner uses during peak demand periods in the summer months. The program helps Georgia Power meet demand and lower its overall cost to serve customers during peak periods.

The Power Credit program has been certified and approved by the Public Service Commission. The program provides residential customers, who participate, financial compensation for allowing Georgia Power to shift their electric usage from on-peak to off-peak during weekdays in the summer, which is when Georgia Power experiences high electricity demand.

Customers who participate in Power Credit will receive a one-time $20 credit on their electricity bill and a $2 credit for each activation that occurs between May and September.

While the mild summer of 2003 did not require Power Credits use, Georgia Power anticipates there could be as many as 10 activations in a typical summer. Activation of the switch depends on the weather and the system-wide demand for electricity.

At no charge to the customer, Georgia Power will install a switch outside of the customer’s home that will be connected to their air conditioning unit. The switch, when activated by Georgia Power, will reduce the amount of electricity used by the air conditioner during peak periods, when the demand for electricity is high, weekdays between noon and 7 p.m.

“Power Credit is a plus for Georgia Power customers and the company,” said Don Conoly, director of products and services. “It helps Georgia meet its future energy needs, and it helps Georgia Power keep its rates low.”

Power Credit is available to single family, detached, owner occupied homes with central cooling. The homeowner also must commit to remaining in the program for 12 months.

For more information or to sign up for Power Credit please log on to or call 1-800-843-4916.