Georgia Power introduces "New Look" electric vehicles

Georgia Power Company’s initiative to exemplify excellence in alternative commuting is clear in the flashy look of electric vehicles. Georgia Power showcases a bold new look with two electric shuttle buses and one S-10 electric truck. The vehicles’ bright blue color and the words “The No Pollute Commute -- All Electric Vehicle,” combined with the company logo on the front, convey the idea that Georgia Power continues to promote environmentally friendly modes of commuting.

“Zero-emission electric vehicles can be part of the overall solution to air quality problems in major U.S. cities,” explained Paul Bowers, Georgia Power’s senior vice president of marketing and executive sponsor for Southern Company’s electric transportation initiatives. “Georgia Power is committed to providing efficient electric alternatives that enhance the lives of our customers.”

Under the federal Energy Policy Act and the Clean Air Act, Georgia Power is required to purchase clean alternative-fuel vehicles. These laws also affect federal and state fleets throughout Georgia. “These initiatives go into effect in 1998, and we would like to encourage fleet owners to make their alternative fuel choice an electric one,” Bowers added.

Georgia Power will be visiting various fleet operators in Georgia to educate them on the advantages of and appropriate applications for electric vehicles. Zero-emission electric vehicles will be part of the solution to air quality problems in major U.S. cities and their surrounding areas. Georgia Power is the largest of five operating companies that constitute Southern Company, the largest investor-owned electricity group in the country. Georgia Power, an investor-owned, tax paying utility, serves customers in 57,000 of the state’s 59,000 square miles. Its 1.71 million customers are in all but six of Georgia’s 159 counties. ####