Georgia Power’s Vice President of Community and Economic Development wins international fellowship

Becky Blalock, Georgia Power’s vice president of Community and Economic Development, has received a fellowship from the International Women’s Forum (IWF) that will enhance her mentoring skills in order to help women succeed in leadership roles.

The yearlong Leadership Foundation Fellows Program is an initiative of the IWF’s Leadership Foundation. The program is designed to promote women in leadership positions. In addition, it recognizes and encourages women who have achieved success to help other women on the leadership track reach greater levels of achievement.

Blalock, who is responsible for Georgia Power’s efforts to recruit new industry to Georgia, is one of 13 women selected as an IWF fellow. Each year, the Leadership Foundation selects 12-15 women from diverse careers and ethnic backgrounds, including a cross-section of geographical areas around the world, to participate as fellows. The fellows are matched with members of the IWF who become mentors and who act as hands-on coaches and personal guides during the course of the year.

“I’m thrilled and honored to be selected as an IWF fellow,” Blalock said. “One of my primary goals is to bring back the knowledge and experience that will help women, not only here at Georgia Power, but throughout the state, succeed in leadership positions.”

Blalock said the IWF fellowship also should provide valuable networking opportunities that may translate into increased economic development for Georgia.

“One of the key benefits of the Fellows program is the access it provides to key leaders and decision makers,” she said. “I hope to build relationships that will help us fulfill our mission to bring new business to Georgia.”

In addition to receiving a mentor, Blalock and other fellows will get ongoing leadership training and extensive networking opportunities as part of the program. They also will have the opportunity to attend two international conferences, an educational program at Harvard University`s John F. Kennedy School of Government, and a program at Cambridge University`s Judge Institute of Management Studies.