Georgia Power Maintains Low Rates for Residential Customers

In a nationwide survey of electricity rates conducted by Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA), Georgia Power rates, once again, ranked among the lowest for residential customers.

The October 2001 survey looked at 55 utility organizations across the country, ranking the companies based on the cost of 1,000 kilowatts per hour (kwh). The lower the cost, the lower the ranking.

With a rate of $66.82 for 1,000 kwh, Georgia Power ranked 46th out of the 55 utilities surveyed by JEA. Other utilities surveyed included:

  • San Diego Gas & Electric at $148.25 kwh, ranking number one, the highest in the nation;
  • KeySpan Energy in Long Island, NY, with a rate of $131.91, ranked fourth;
  • Reliant Energy HL&P in Houston at $104.27, ranked 12th;
  • Florida Power & Light Co. in Miami at $82.92 ranked 31st;
  • South Carolina Electric & Gas in Columbia at $81.35 ranked 34th; and
  • Duke Power Co. in Charlotte, N.C.,ranked 35th with a rate of $80.44.
“We are committed to our customers and we want to ensure our prices remain low,” said Kevin Fletcher, Vice President of Retail Sales & Services. Fletcher attributed Georgia Power’s low rates to a good planning process and innovative rate making by the Georgia Public Service Commission as well as a strong company commitment to control costs.

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