Campaign workers cautioned: Posting signs on utility poles can have deadly results.

One month before Election Day, Savannah Electric cautions campaign workers and others of the dangers involved in posting signs on utility poles. The staples, rusting nails and tacks left in poles can cause serious injuries or even death to linemen.

If a nail tears an insulated glove, a lineman is no longer protected from high-voltage lines. Nails and staples in poles can also cause a lineman’s boot spikes to slip, leading to a serious fall. At the least, a rusty nail can send a passerby or crewmember to the hospital for stitches and a tetanus shot.

Each year, hundreds of signs are nailed or stapled to wooden utility poles across the area. Garage sale ads, lost pet notices, candidate signs and more have been found unlawfully posted on Savannah Electric poles.

The company periodically publicizes these warnings in bill inserts and advertisements, and urges the public to avoid attaching anything to utility poles.

Media Note: Savannah Electric is aware of several locations where poles have been heavily damaged by this practice. The company uses various procedures and sophisticated testing equipment to help ensure the safety of protective rubber insulating equipment like gloves. Demonstrations can be arranged.