Savannah Electric reminds of safety rules after deadly Virginia Boy Scout accident; offers program and decal

The news media reported this week that four Boy Scout leaders died and several others were injured in Virginia when a tent they were raising contacted high voltage electric lines. This tragic accident points out the need for constant attention to safe operating practices around power lines.

Savannah Electric continues to stress electric safety in the community and routinely conducts electric safety programs for groups that could come in close proximity to electric lines.

The company also has a decal available for use on boom vehicles or other types of equipment that can be raised or extended. The decal has an eye-catching “DANGER” warning and uses a simple acronym -- “LIVE” -- to reinforce safe practices:

L - Look up before raising booms, masts, cranes or other extendable equipment or devices

I - Inspect area above and around for wires or electrical equipment

V - Verify clearance of at least 10 feet (3 meters) between lines and poles and your equipment

E - Elevate booms, masts, cranes, poles, etc., carefully to avoid wires or anything touching wires, and lower the equipment before moving the vehicle or device.

These safety rules are especially important to those working with automated booms or lifts, pool maintenance workers, groups like scouts who may raise tents or cast fishing lines, or even to recreational boaters with masts, tall fishing rods, antennae or other extensions.

The customer newsletter sent with Savannah Electric bills during July contained a short article warning of just this type of danger. Customers are encouraged to review that material.

Community groups or employers may schedule a safety program by calling Savannah Electric at (912) 238-2209. The company conducts free demonstrations to schools and other community groups throughout the year educating thousands of children and adults on electric safety, power generation and other aspects of the electric utility industry.