Osprey nesting platform built; nest moved to safety by Savannah Electric

Savannah Electric constructed an Osprey nesting platform this morning on one of the Company’s power poles in the Dutch Island area of Chatham County.

The Company has been observing a pole-top nest of the Federally protected bird, for some time. The nest may have been recently abandoned.

The condition of the nest was such that it threatened to interfere with our electrical distribution system and possibly result in damage to the nest and our system. To avoid this damage and a resultant disruption of electrical service in the immediate area, the nest was moved under authorization from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Initial work began Friday and the project was completed Monday morning June 8, 1998.

The bird occasionally uses power poles as a nesting site due to their high, open locations and similarity to sites chosen in nature.

Savannah Electric has a long history of environmental stewardship in the region. The Company is happy to support this project while at the same time improving its ability to supply reliable, low-cost energy to its customers.