Major restoration from Hurricane Dennis complete - Savannah storm team home safely

The 118-member Savannah Electric storm team has returned home, tired, but safe after a week in the Florida panhandle. They went to assist in recovery efforts after Hurricane Dennis.

While Gulf Power continues to make repairs along their hardest hit beaches, nearly all other customers whose facilities were able to take power, had been restored by this past weekend. This meant that many of the visiting repair crews could begin the journey home. The Savannah team returned in phases: contract tree crews came back on Friday, followed by the main storm team on Saturday. The Damage Assessment Team and line contractors came back on Sunday.

Savannah Electric president and CEO Anthony James said, “We appreciate the hard work, skill and dedication shown by this team. They helped literally thousands return to their normal standard of living and, in some cases, regain access to basic necessities.

“I`m very proud of the effort the team made in helping our sister company, Gulf Power,” James stated, “They worked quickly, but most importantly, they worked safely.”

James also thanked employees not on the storm team. “We had several days of heavy storms while the team was gone. I appreciate those who pulled extra duty here at home to make sure our own customers continued to receive the service they expect and deserve,” he added.

As part of a mutual assistance agreement with other utilities, Savannah Electric responds to emergency assistance requests when its own service area is not threatened. The company would receive similar assistance during local emergencies.

Savannah Electric and Gulf Power are both subsidiaries of Southern Company, one of the largest electricity producers in the United States.