Savannah Electric teams prove skills at Lineman Rodeo

In a display of hard work and the power of a team, a contingent of Savannah Electric line workers returned from the Georgia Lineman Rodeo 2000 in Perry, Georgia with several first place awards and pride in a job well done. The event was held on Saturday, April 29, 2000.

Savannah Electric sent two teams to the event. The team of Senior Lineman Herb Hendrick, Lineman Ronald Canady and Lineman Richard Hall came in first place in two of the six events in the Investor Owned Utility division. The events were the Down Primary Repair and the Polymer Insulator Change.

The team of Lineman Tim Merritt, Apprentice Lineman Donald Stevens and Apprentice Lineman Randall Tucker came in first place in the Hurt-man Bucket Rescue and second place in the Polymer Insulator Change. Training Supervisor Bobby Logue coaches both teams.

"We`re very proud of their efforts, but these men work well together whether in a competition such as this, building power lines on a regular work day or restoring power during a storm. It always takes a team approach," said Logue. The competition is held each year to hone skills needed in daily work, improve safe work practices, build teamwork and recognize excellence. The teams’ next competition will be at the 17th Annual International Lineman`s Rodeo in Kansas City, Missouri on September 9, 2000. Last year Savannah Electric placed eighth overall out of a field of over 220 teams.

Vice President Customer Operations and External Affairs, Miles Greer said, “The fact that this group put in long hours of training -- much of it on their own time -- is evidence of their dedication to the highest standards of performance. We know they will represent us well in Kansas City just as they do in their everyday efforts.”