Power plant hits record safety milestone

The boiler contains a 2,500-degree fireball and 1,000-degree, superheated steam exerts a ton of pressure per square inch. Huge, spinning turbine blades make 60 revolutions every second and 230,000-volt electricity leaves the switching yard literally at the speed of light. This is the environment in which employees of Savannah Electric’s Plant McIntosh have operated for four years accident-free.

“Safety this good is no accident!” McIntosh employees have carefully demonstrated this point in reaching the four-year milestone July 28, 2001, a record for Savannah Electric and among the best in Southern Company.

Plant McIntosh employees have ingrained into their day to day work culture the safety message preached throughout the company. “Employees here know that safety is THE number one priority. Our safety focus has been taken to heart at this plant,” said Savannah Electric president and CEO Anthony James. “We are extremely proud of their efforts even as we encourage them to guard against the new threat of complacency.”

Plant McIntosh is home to one 160-mw steam turbine generator and eight 80-mw combustion turbines. Approximately 50 employees work at the plant.

Who: Plant McIntosh employees, company officials and news media

What: A celebration luncheon for employees

When: Friday Aug. 10, 2001 from 11 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

Where: Plant McIntosh in Effingham County. For directions, please contact media relations by methods listed above.