Savannah Electric storm team, evaluators, contractors head west for Katrina repairs

A Savannah Electric storm team some 93 strong left Savannah Monday, August 29. They are going to assist with power restorations following Hurricane Katrina. The team includes some 32 Savannah Electric employees from both the Savannah and Springfield operations centers. Outside line and tree contractors comprise the balance of the team.

They expect to spend Monday night in Tallahassee, Florida with an ultimate destination of southern Mississippi. Once there, they will help Mississippi Power Company, which has been hard hit by the storm. Mississippi Power, as a subsidiary of Southern Company, is a sister company to Savannah Electric.

The team should be deployed for at least one week. At that point, the situation will be reevaluated. If further assistance is needed, the team will stay-on or be replaced by a new group if there are no pressing local needs here in the Savannah area.

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