Savannah Electric warns of dangerous scene in "Small Soldiers" movie

In the interest of safety, Savannah Electric urges parents as well as children to be aware of an extremely dangerous portrayal in the movie “Small Soldiers,” currently playing in area theaters.

The movie contains a scene wherein a child climbs a utility pole in order to battle and destroy the evil toy soldiers. He physically straddles live electrical equipment while forcing one of the soldiers between the lines causing a huge explosion. The blast throws the child from the pole-top. He emerges unhurt suffering no burns, shock, or fall injuries leaving a very dangerous impression among children who may see the film. In reality, such an activity would have serious, probably fatal, consequences. This scene completely contradicts the safety message Savannah Electric has provided to children through years of diligent effort.

Savannah Electric understands that the movie portrays a fantasy situation, however, believes the stakes are high enough for concern. “We want to make sure everyone understands that what you see in the movies or on television does not have to be true or real,” says Savannah Electric’s Educational Services Coordinator Earl Woods. “No one should ever go near or touch any piece of electrical equipment.”

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the trade association of shareholder-owned utility companies, of which Savannah Electric is a member, has also issued a warning about the film. In addition, EEI sent a letter containing its message of concern to the DreamWorks film studio president, Steven Spielberg and urges the studio to avoid such portrayals in the future.

Savannah Electric has a comprehensive safety education program for children and adults. High voltage demonstrations, power plant tours, and Louie the Lightning Bug presentations extend the electrical safety message to some 25,000 schoolchildren and adults in the Company’s service territory each year.

Savannah Electric is a subsidiary of Southern Company. Southern Company (NYSE: SO) is the largest producer of electricity in the United States and is the parent firm of Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Gulf Power, Mississippi Power and Savannah Electric. Savannah Electric serves 125,000 customers in all or parts of five Southeast Georgia counties including Chatham, Effingham, Bulloch, Bryan, and Screven.