Savannah Electric monitoring winter storm

As a severe winter storm brings high winds, icy conditions and power outages to portions of the south, Savannah Electric continues to monitor the forecasted track of the storm.

Should severe weather impact the Savannah area, the company will be prepared to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

Due to the large geographic area covered and the storm track of this weather system, utilities across the southeast face challenges in arranging for outside resources to aid in restorations. Savannah Electric is in contact with its sister organizations under Southern Company as well as outside utilities to arrange for assistance as needed or to offer help if damaging conditions are escaped locally.

Important Safety Reminder:

Customers are reminded to avoid downed power lines that could result from severe weather. Parents are urged to specifically remind children not to touch any wire they may see, even if the wire appears to be "dead" or inactive.

How customers can help and prepare:

 Should power outages occur, large appliances such as electric heating systems, should be switched off and turned back on individually when power is restored.

 Other storm tips can be found on Savannah Electric’s website under “Storm Information."

 Due to automated detection systems, it is not necessary to report outages in the early hours of large-scale service interruptions, such as from an ice storm. However, customers are encouraged to report isolated outages and downed wires over the Savannah Electric Outage Hotline at 1-800-390-2834.