Preserving the urban forest

Commitment to the Savannah area`s "urban forest" has earned Savannah Electric an "Outstanding Business" award from the Georgia Urban Forest Council.

The Council presented representatives of Savannah Electric with a painting of an Eastern Cottonwood tree at the ceremony to commemorate the occasion.

According to the Savannah Tree Foundation (STF), which made the award nomination, "Savannah Electric has put forth its people, equipment, and resources time and time again to assist our work, and their support has been a major ingredient in the successful addition of almost 400 trees." In a brief dedication ceremony at Company headquarters in February, STF officials again commended the Company for its efforts as Savannah Electric`s President reaffirmed his support of the relationship developed through years of cooperation and hard work.

For more information on how you can help preserve and renew our urban forest, call the Savannah Tree Foundation at 912-233-TREE .