Savannah Electric team hopes to lasso rodeo win

Who: Savannah Electric Lineman’s Rodeo Team

What: Live field practice session

When: Friday Aug. 24, 2001 from 9 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.

Where: Training Yard, Savannah Electric Operations Center on Kilowatt Dr.

Can you climb straight up a 40-foot wooden pole, rescue a hurt co-worker and lower him safely to the ground all in less than two minutes? The scenario does not even occur to most, but for an electric lineman, it could be a life and death question that must be answered with a confident “yes.”

Savannah Electric line department workers will once again demonstrate their skills at the upcoming International Lineman’s Rodeo and Expo in Kansas City, Kansas. The 18th annual event is a test of safety, skill, speed and teamwork. Participants will compete in a range of events including the “hurtman rescue,” “pole climb” and several mystery events.

Training and systems supervisor Bobby Logue coaches the team, which includes linemen Herb Hendrick and Richard Hall, groundman Brian Gracen and alternate Tim Merritt.

“The team has dedicated a lot of personal time and energy to prepare for this event and we know they will represent us well,” said Savannah Electric President and CEO Anthony James.