Company conducts storm response drill

On Tuesday, March 23, Savannah Electric will conduct its annual company-wide disaster preparedness drill. Employee teams will review their REACT assignments and procedures, survey the electrical system in assigned territories, check supplies and equipment and otherwise prepare for disaster recovery.

The REACT (Restoration Evaluation and Communications Techniques) program utilizes the Company’s 524 employees by implementing special emergency operating procedures designed to restore electric service quickly, safely and efficiently in the wake of natural disasters.

Because of the significant involvement by all its employees on this day, Savannah Electric will conduct regular business on a limited basis only. Emergency service will be available by calling the Company at 1-800-437-3890 or on its Outage Hotline at 1-800-390-2834.

Savannah Electric employees train throughout the year in preparation for the implementation of REACT. In addition, the Company works closely with the Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) in planning and coordination of our emergency response.