Most power restored; work continues overnight

As of 10:00 p.m. Thursday, Savannah Electric has restored power to most of the customers impacted by Hurricane Floyd. Current estimates show less than 1000 customers still without power, down from 54,600 yesterday evening.

All large-scale restorations have now been completed. Remaining outages are mostly scattered and isolated. Any customers still without power at this time are asked to call the Outage Hotline at 1-800-390-2834, even if they have previously reported their outage.

Restoration efforts continue with the assistance of crews from Southern Company and contractors. Crews will continue to work through the night to restore power as quickly as possible.

Savannah Electric Field Operations Personnel are asked to call the REACT Employee Update Line for their Friday morning reporting status.

Savannah Electric offers these tips to customers returning home:

1. The service entrance cable that connects to the side of homes and businesses belongs to the customer. If it is damaged, customers must contact a private electrician to make repairs before Savannah Electric can restore power to that location.

2. Do not attempt to clear or cut trees if you are not a professional. Use extreme caution in clearing debris that may conceal downed power lines. Report downed power lines to Savannah Electric or Police immediately and stay clear of the area.

This will be the final media release issued from Savannah Electric this evening. The next update will be after 8 a.m. Friday morning.