First Mortgage Bond redemption announced

Savannah Electric and Power Company announced today that it will partially redeem on January 5, 1998, $1,100,000 of the principal amount of its 8.30% First Mortgage Bonds due July, 2022 by operation of the annual Sinking Fund requirement under its Indenture of Mortgage, as supplemented and modified.

Redemption of such bonds will be at the special redemption price equal to the principal amount thereof and accrued interest to the date of redemption, without premium.

For the partial redemption of these bonds, The Bank of New York, as bond trustee, will select on a random basis the bonds of this series to be redeemed and notify each registered holder, by first-class mail, on or before December 5, 1997. The record date for the purpose of selection of bonds for redemption by the trustee for this series of bonds will be the close of business on December 1, 1997.