Savannah Electric offers electrical safety program for news crews and others

This week the Associated Press reported that one person died and six others were injured in Los Angeles when a scaffolding platform being used to film a television show contacted high voltage electric lines. This tragic accident points out the need for constant attention to safe operating practices around power lines.

Savannah Electric continues to stress electrical safety in the community. As part of its ongoing efforts, the company once again offers to conduct a customized electrical safety program and review for news media organizations, movie production companies and others that may come in close proximity to electric lines in the course of their work.

This safety program can be especially important to “live-remote” boom operators, reporters, photojournalists and camera crews. (This may be pursued as a news story, an educational event for media employees or both. Appointments are needed to allow for scheduling and preparation.)

Please contact Savannah Electric at (912) 238-2274 to arrange for a safety program for your employees. The company conducts free demonstrations to schools and other community groups throughout the year educating thousands of children and adults on electrical safety, power generation and other aspects of the electric utility industry.