How to protect yourself from lightning

Over the past year, Savannah Electric has been telling you how you can protect your electronics and appliances from lightning strikes with GoodCents Surge Protection.

Even more importantly, you and your family need to know how to protect yourselves from lightning’s powerful force.

On average, more people are killed by lightning strikes than any other weather event, including floods, hurricanes and tornadoes combined.

The next time you find yourself within striking distance of lightning, protect yourself by avoiding:

• Water and metal objects such as fences, golf clubs, machinery, motors, power tools and railroad tracks.

• Hilltops and open spaces

• Tents, golf carts or small open-sided rain shelters

• Trees, especially taller trees like pines in open areas.

Find shelter in a building or in a fully enclosed metal vehicle with the windows up.

If you are indoors, stay off the phone, do not bathe, hand wash dishes or use electrical appliances during an electrical storm.