Time to Spring clean your appliances for energy savings

Your curtains and carpets aren’t the only things to consider when you begin your annual Spring cleaning chores. Give your appliances a thorough cleaning too and you’ll save energy and money this summer.

· Check and clean your refrigerator’s condenser coils on the back or bottom of your refrigerator at least twice a year.

· Replace your refrigerator’s door seal if you see cracks or signs of air leaking out.

· Dust or clean your light bulbs. Dirty light bulbs put our less light than clean bulbs. They also absorb more light.

· Check your air conditioner’s filters and replace or clean them every month -- especially during the summer.

· Clean your air conditioner’s outside condenser coils at the beginning and end of the cooling seasons by spraying the coils with diluted detergent and then hosing them down.

· Clean your dryer’s lint screen after every use and remember to check your washer for leaky faucet connections or hose cracks.