Schools receive more than $42,200 in foundation grants

Mississippi Power Education Foundation recently approved 16 grants totaling more than $42,200 to educational institutions in service area.

The East Mississippi Center for Educational Development Inc. in Meridian received the largest grant for $15,000 to fund the “Right Start – Success and Survival Skills for New Teachers” program. This is a new teacher induction/mentoring program designed to reduce the intensity of transition into teaching for the novice teacher.

The Biloxi Public School District received a $5,000 grant to aid in the financing of the “Imagination Station Electric Kitchen.” This grant will support a permanent educational kitchen in four of the Imagination Stations in the Biloxi Public School District. The students will be able to participate in hands-on activities that will reinforce skills taught in the classroom. The hands-on area will feature working electric stoves, ovens and refrigerators. Included in the Imagination Stations are Winn-Dixies, mini-banks and cafes where school children can shop, bank and prepare foods.

Pearl River Central Elementary in Carriere received a $1,999 grant to help the “Math, Science, and Social Studies of Maps and Globes” program. The purpose of this program is to enrich student perspective and participation in the fourth grade social studies, science and math curriculums using sequenced hands-on activities to teach state history, geography and basic map skills while exploring the importance of maps and globes.

St. John High School in Gulfport received $1,000 to develop “An Afternoon with C.H.I.P.S. (Chemists Helping Initiate Proper Skills).” The chemistry students at St. John High School will mentor local sixth grade students in Chemical Laboratory Safety as well as teach proper skills using laboratory equipment and conduction experiments.

Harper McCaughan Elementary School in Long Beach received a $1,989 grant to begin a project called the Inte “GREAT” Music program. This project will provide a music resource library made up of CDs, cassette tapes, videos, CD-ROMS and games that will be used to help students explore and appreciate other cultures, language, traditions and job opportunities. Thomas L. Reeves Elementary School in Long Beach received a $1,177 grant to begin the Main Street, USA, project. This is a project used to combine critical thinking and writing skills with technology to integrate the social studies curriculum of the study of Mississippi history.

Saucier Elementary School in Harrison County received a $1,758 grant to begin a project titled “G.R.E.A.T. in Geometry” that has been designed to enhance student learning of geometry. This project will also show students how learning is transferred to real-world situations.

The Sumrall Attendance Center in Lamar County received a $1,512 grant to help fund the “We’re Five!! We Play To Learn!” program. This program will help students grow into adults who have a high level of functional skills, allowing them to be both independent and successfully sociable.

West Marion Primary received a $1,675 grant to aid in the financing of a new project called “Stepping Stones.” This project allows children to build a water garden that will be the centerpiece of an outdoor classroom. Gulfport High School received a grant for $1,005 to start a program entitled “Electricity: We Can’t Live Without It!” This program will teach students the basics of an electrical system. Students will be able to construct electrical systems based on their schematic drawings and use electrical switches to control devices and interconnect mechanical and electrical systems.

Stone Elementary School in Wiggins received a $2,000 grant that will aid the “Super Science Station” program. This program was designed to enhance the student’s awareness of basic science concepts in the world around us. By incorporating a Science Station, the students will learn the importance of their environment and keeping it clean and safe for others.

East Park Elementary School in Moss Point received a $2,000 grant to fund “Leaping Tiger Photo Paws.” This project is designed to provide kindergarten students the opportunity to acquire basic writing skills, career awareness and skills to use various sources of technology.

Hattiesburg Middle School/NR Burger received a $1,820 grant that will aid in the School and Community Report Part II. Students with speech, language, and learning disabilities along with 7th and 8th grade middle school students will have an opportunity to create their own visual displays and web pages. The project will provide an opportunity to connect academic learning and application of knowledge to the community and government. The Clarkdale Attendance Center received a $5,928 grant to begin the “Communication Connection” program. This program will introduce young children to the art of conversation, experience the pleasure of story-time and enjoy the satisfaction of being listened to when they have something to say.

Seminary Elementary received a $1,225 grant to help fund the “PONDering” project. This will allow students to create a pond in their classroom and learn about different ecosystems, life cycles and pollution hazards.

A $1,064 grant was awarded to East Jones Elementary in Jones County to fund the “We Dig Dinosaurs!” program. The students will construct dig sites where they will study dinosaurs and fossils and learn hands on about the Earth’s development.

Since 1984, through its foundations, Mississippi Power Company has supported excellence in education in southeast Mississippi. During the past 17 years, the foundations have awarded more than $2.5 million in grants to teachers, schools, school systems and education projects.