Release issued regarding National Power

The following press release, dated April 16, 1996, was issued in London this morning:

Southern Company has become aware of market rumour and noted today’s rise in the price of National Power’s shares. Accordingly, Southern Company has informed National Power of its intention to publish this announcement.

The UK government is expected shortly to decide whether to permit further vertical integration in the UK electricity industry following the Monopolies and Mergers Commission enquiry into the proposed acquisitions of Midlands Electricity by PowerGen and Southern Electric [plc] by National Power.

Depending on the decision of the UK government, Southern Company (which already owns SWEB) is considering a combination of the businesses of Southern Company and National Power (which already owns independent power assets in North America). Such a transaction would be subject to the applicable requirements of various regulatory bodies, in the UK and US, including OFFER, OFT and the DTI; the FTC and SEC. Southern Company believes that a transaction is possible which would benefit both National Power and Southern Company.

Until the UK government has published its decision concerning the MMC recommendation, the terms of a proposal cannot be finally formulated. A further announcement will be made when appropriate.

Note: This announcement is neither an offer nor the solicitation of an offer with respect to any securities. Insofar as the laws of the United States of America or any state thereof may be concerned, the sole purpose of this announcement is to discharge disclosure responsibilities under applicable laws and stock exchange rules. This announcement is not for release, publication or distribution in or into Canada, Australia or Japan.